Maine Aerial Photography and Beyond by Great Moose Aerial Art.
Welcome to Great Moose Aerial Art.  Here is where you will find our best and most popular aerial photos to view, share and purchase.  

This site's search tool will find anything we have uploaded.  If you can't find the image you are looking for, we haven't uploaded it yet.  Use our Site Locator tool and we will do the research to see if we have the image at our studios, but haven't uploaded it yet.  Both the Search and Site Locator tools are found on the menu at the top of this page.  

If you are interested in us flying a solo or scheduled mission for residential or commercial properties, please use our Site Locator tool to receive your free quote.   

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Now about our Site Locator tool.  Just click the words "Site Locator" above and you are using the tool.  It's easy to use and the benefits to you are saving money.  By mapping your property, the data you send would eventually be loaded into our plane's avionics, streamling the process on this end, and reducing costs to you.  This is the perfect tool for you to quickly find out if we have the image you are looking for, or how much it would cost to get what you are looking for. 

Enjoy your view from above!